When you are becoming journalism, whether you are become professional or become citizen journalism, you should always update your information news and give your readers with updated journalism topic trend. No matter your field, journalism should able to work with any field of journalism that they want to write, and off course all their writing […]

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The recent year, citizen journalism become improved and many people that becomes citizen journalism give public information about what happen in around their environment is clear and detail. Citizen journalism is defined as people that have no training journalism that use modern technology and internet as global distribution to create news, document, augment and fact […]

For centuries, people always look for the latest news. Even the smallest information about things going on outside the house makes interesting story to hear. When it comes to journalism, of course there are standards that are applied. It’s obvious that not every news can be categorized into journalism. The fact itself doesn’t only have […]

Definitely, it is not an easy way to be a professional journalist. There are several skills you need to master. In fact, writing skill is not enough if you really want to be a professional journalist. For those who want to be a professional journalist in the future, this is the time for you to […]

One of popular careers you can apply is journalist. Because of that, more and more teenagers are decided to continue their college study and take journalism as their major. Definitely, it is a good chance for you because this is the era of media. You can be an online journalist or offline journalist. Now, you […]

There is interesting fact that you should know about Journalism College in several countries. The interesting fact is that about the gender of the students. Of course, it is becomes a unique phenomenon to see. Let’s learn a little bit about this fact. Interesting Fact about Journalism Degree in University One of universities which offered […]

In many cases, journalists always starve for spectacular news that will be the hits news on the newspaper or magazine. There is no doubt that it is possible for you to write such kind of news if you know how to do it. You need to know that there are many kinds of thing that […]

In many ways, being a journalist makes you press your brain so it could make a hit news that will be loved by other people. That is why many journalists dare to do anything so they can get breaking news which has highest viewer rate. It is sure that you also want to be a […]

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It is obvious that some people love to write. It is sure that sometimes you like to write any kind of thing. You might have written any kind of article, short stories, or poems. You have to admit that you like to good feeling you get from writing anything. Even though you love writing, you […]

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If you want to have a kind of job that allows you to go from one place to another, it is obvious that you would like to be a journalist. There are many kinds of thing that you will get by being a journalist. You will be the first person who get the chance to […]

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